Rani     Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I need to make an appointment or can I just walk in? We highly suggest making an appointment if you are coming in to look at gowns.  Due to the delicate materials of our dresses, we cannot allow self service.  With an appointment, you will work one on one with an experienced stylist.  Together you will discuss your vision, style, budget, etc.   When it comes time to try on, she will be happy to pull out gowns that fit the overall feel you are looking for.

Who should I bring with me? Each bride is provided seating for two people.  All the experts advise against bringing too many people along with you.  The reason is simple: each person has different taste.  Pick two people whom you trust and know you the best and your experience will be much more enjoyable (we promise!).  “Polling the audience” of a larger group is a recipe for disaster and leads to frustration for the bride.  In the end, the only opinion that counts when choosing your wedding gown is yours.  You want a gown that will make you feel like a beautiful bride and only you will know when you have found that perfect one.

How much time do I have to try on gowns? We allot approximately one hour for bridal appointments.

What should I bring with me to my appointment? If you have a favorite strapless bra or body shaper, we encourage you to bring it along.  Also, it can be helpful for you to bring a comfortable pair of shoes in the heel height that you are thinking of for your wedding day.

Will I be able to see gowns at Beautiful Brides and Formals that I haven’t seen everywhere else? Definitely!  We have designers from around the world represented in the salon, but more importantly are the designers that make gowns exclusively for us and not found anywhere else in our area.  We feel very fortunate to have been selected as the only salon to offer these gowns in greater South Central WI.

What are the prices like at Beautiful Brides and Formals? One word alone describes our wedding gown prices…AMAZING!  It is also important to know we ONLY sell high-quality gowns.  We do not sell look a-likes or knock offs.  We have a great selection of moderately priced gowns – most of our bridal dresses are UNDER $2000!  When you come in for your appointment, advise your stylist of your budget and she will help you find a gown that fits your style, your figure AND your budget!  On any given day we also have “featured” in stock gowns offered at a substantial savings, ranging from $500-$800.  As you can imagine, these gowns go fast!

How many gowns can/should I try on? We usually recommend trying on up to 6 – 8 gowns.  Trying on too many can confuse you.  After trying on 3 – 4 gowns, your stylist will have a better idea of your likes/dislikes and can start pulling out what you are looking for.

Can I bring a camera and take pictures? Due to the exclusivity and copyright of some of the current designers we carry, we are no longer permitted to allow photography. However, at the time of purchase, please feel free to take as many photos as you wish!

Can I bring pictures from magazines or the internet of gowns I like to my appointment? Absolutely!  But, keep in mind the models in the professional pictures average 6′ tall and wear a size 4.  So, it’s possible the gowns may not look the same on you.  This is why it is so important to see yourself in the gown before you buy it.  You should also know that many designers make gowns that are not advertised in magazines or available online.  Your Beautiful Brides and Formals stylist will be able to select gowns for you to try on that will flatter your figure, while matching your style and budget . . .  so keep an open mind when you are shopping!  There have been countless brides that have come in with a picture of a certain gown they thought they would love and after trying on that style – left purchasing an entirely different look.    Why?  Because the bridal stylist worked hard to find the gown that made them FEEL perfect!

How is Beautiful Brides and Formals different from the big box chain bridal stores? There are two BIG differences.  First, although both Beautiful Brides and Formals and the chain stores stock wedding gowns, the big box stores manufacture their own dresses at their factory.  At Beautiful Brides and Formals, we do not make wedding gowns.  Therefore, we are not limited to a select group of dresses.  We are able to travel the U.S.; attending bridal markets in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta in search of the latest gowns that cater to a variety of different tastes.  The second difference is that the chain stores have “fixed” styles for the season.  This means that for the most part their dress styles do not change during the year.  They can even give you a catalog because they are selling the same gowns over and over.  At Beautiful Brides and Formals, our inventory is constantly changing as we receive new dresses on a weekly basis!

Will I be able to browse the racks myself and see ALL the dresses Beautiful Brides and Formals has to offer? Yes!  We often hear stories from brides that at other stores they are put into a dressing room and the employee goes to the back room to pick gowns she thinks the bride will like.  At Beautiful Brides and Formals you will go through our racks of dresses and choose which ones you’d like to try on.

Does Beautiful Brides and Formals sell off the rack or special order? Both!

When should I order my wedding gown? Our designers recommend ordering your gown at least nine months before your wedding date.  You will want to leave about a month for alterations once your gown arrives.

Can I get a gown in less than the time frame mentioned above? Yes!  Many of our dress makers offer a rush service for an additional fee.  You may also purchase any of our gowns out of stock.

Should I get a sitter? We love children!  However, we strongly suggest you leave the kids with a sitter.  Choosing your wedding gown is one of the most important decisions you will make for your special day.  When trying on gowns, you will need to be able to focus without distractions.  A bridal salon is not a fun place for kids and they will very quickly get bored sitting in one spot.  This will end up distracting you from your ultimate goal of finding your wedding gown.  A bridal salon is also NOT a safe place for children due to loose pins, beads, breakable items and other hazards.  Crying children distract other future brides on this important day.  We thank you for your understanding!

What about gowns for encore brides, second weddings, re-affirming vows etc.? Almost 25% of the brides we see are looking for this type of gown.  We often hear “I don’t want a gown with a lot of poof and tons of beads BUT I do want to look special.”  With this in mind, we have an extensive selection of informal gowns with less detail and either little or no train.

What about gowns for destination weddings, outdoor weddings etc.? With an increase in the popularity of destination beach weddings, Beautiful Brides and Formals has a wonderful selection of gowns for the bride in search of something outdoor appropriate.  We have considered the fabric types for ease of travel and the ability to hold it’s shape in high humidity.  You are sure to find your perfect outdoor look; from flowing billowy romantic gowns, to shapely sexy silhouettes and everything in between.

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